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Goodbye Red Ears! Thin Plastic Protection Sleeve For Earrings

Written on July 10, 2017   By   in Dresses

Earrings are one of my small passions! I love it my ears to decorate differently depending on the mood, outfit and occasion and have a beautiful box full of “Ear candy ‘s” from which I myself like to serve: fashion jewelry, real jewelry, cheap but beloved youth sins, extravagant Baumelchen, gifts from loved ones and souvenirs of my travels.

But unfortunately I can wear them for many years not so readily: apparently I have developed an allergy to any metals and I find that very annoying!

Some of my beloved earrings, the earlobe are bright red, thick and look for a few days so as I would have mistreated them with clothespins. At worst they become infected and this is a long enough history.

I tried very much, even transparent nail varnish on the connectors. The gold-plated beads connectors and the “expensive” real jewelry are the only thing reliably. Pretty, but either nix for the daily, or the long boring.

Of course I’ll try again – I just can’t resist earrings. Sometimes isn’t well – especially with higher quality earrings just as often but also. Disconnect I can not pair. Nostalgic reasons they eke out their lives then in my jewelry boxes. And because they must back out now! Jippehhh!

In the autumn, a reader with a tip I volunteered… and after several weeks of testing, I am really excited: the solution of my problem is Flutees.

Pushing this wafer-thin sleeves made of plastic can easily with the plug of the earring and then put it with along with the envelope through the ear piercing the earring and attached with a plastic closure. Depending on how thick the plug of the earring is and can the ear piercing is how closely, at the beginning a little tricky – but I have so far all be huelsten Earrings by my earlobes pure and again rausbekommen.

First I tried it on the node ear plugs, I got a girlfriend’s birthday and much love to my 16. Much wear they have started at the back and rub off black. Hey Presto the Flutees about it and then several days at a time worn: Hooray! No red ears and also there is no black staining…

I was somewhat unsure whether they out slip me out of the sleeve at the very thin connectors. To be sure, I have therefore cut off the back of the sleeve with the nail scissors and attached the earrings with a gold-plated Butterrfly clasp of a pair of real jewelry earrings. Worked great.

Practical side effect: ladies, whose Ohren can be not quite so smoothly on the head carry the Flutees unless the vanishing else discreetly behind the ear plastic nipple can be seen. Where even when test wearing plastic nipple wasn’t even discovered my critical husband the very subtle slide.

The idea for these brilliant things, Ramona came Mignon in the dream. After she just responded to a new pair of earrings “allergy-free” like me, she dreamed not only of their frustration, but also by the solution of the problem. And resulted the Flutees she went with the in the autumn of 2013 on the market then. Such stories impressed me!

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